What Is the C.O.U.P.?

The C.O.U.P. is a dynamic, multiplatform dialogical space where underrecognized peoples can collectively express and share experiences living under and coping with domination. We recognize the lived experiences of oppressed peoples as, to paraphrase Nikhil Pal Singh (Black Is a Country, 2005), practical knowledge that can be put in the service of achieving freedom and a radical restructuring of society. We believe that our everyday struggles under oppression and the inventive ways we cope, support one another, and forge new forms of life are an underestimated yet formidable source of power from which we can draw to do this transformative work. 

The C.O.U.P. is a safe space where we can rigorously engage in acute critiques of power, privilege, domination, the violences they produce, and the conditions that make these systems possible. It is an inventive and inspirational space where we can share “freedom dreams” (Robin D.G. Kelley, 2002) of a new society where all humans can be directed by desire and innervisions, not by mere survival or exploitation. The C.O.U.P. is international and transcultural in scope, following the tradition of mid-twentieth century anti-/decolonial movements, and endeavors to put theory into praxis by highlighting how underrecognized peoples around the world employ various means of resistance to oppression and create other forms of embodying freedom. We do this through writing, radical pedagogies, and arts and culture. 

Liberation is our purpose. Love is our ethic and means.

Editorial Committee
crystal am nelson, Chief Editor
Maya Iverson
Cathy Thomas

Advisory Committee
Jennifer González (UC Santa Cruz)
Herman Gray (UC Santa Cruz)
Christine Hong (UC Santa Cruz)
Boreth Ly (UC Santa Cruz)
Marcia Ochoa (UC Santa Cruz)
Eric C. Porter (UC Santa Cruz)

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