The C.O.U.P.'s Platforms

The C.O.U.P. is seeking facilitator-participants interested in building this new decolonial space through the following platforms.

Platform I: Journal

The print edition of The C.O.U.P. seeks personal essays, manifestos, polemics, poetry, fiction, transcribed interviews, open letters, themed annotated bibliographies, syllabi, and artwork (rendered in black-and-white). The print edition should be considered a space where contributors can engage in respectful debate and dialogue as well as a space where they can work through compelling and provocative ideas. To this latter point, we encourage contributors who wish to write in serial form as well as contributors who wish to respond to previously published writings. The print edition has an open submissions process and will be published quarterly. Each issue of the print edition of The C.O.U.P. will be themed. Themes and deadlines will be announced a quarter in advance.


Platform II: Web

The Web edition of The C.O.U.P. seeks contributor-facilitators who can contribute to the following sections:

Rapid Responses: Rapid Responses are short responses to current news events that the mainstream press refuses to report, fails to report accurately or fairly, or brings only minor attention to despite the gravity of the event for oppressed peoples. These contributions should offer context as well as analysis of the event on which they wish to report. 

Dispatches: Dispatches are narratives in the vein of human interest stories about creative and inventive forms of resistance (beyond public rebellion against state apparatuses) happening in underrecognized communities around the world. We are particularly interested in writing that is deeply personal in tone (first-person voice), non-ethnographic, and self-reflexive.

The Living Word:  For this section we are seeking audio recordings of poetry, short prose, interviews, and original music.

In Living Color: For this section we are seeking video recordings of lectures and/or PowerPoints of radical pedagogies, video art that is engaged with issues that affect underrecognized peoples, performances for video that bring to life not only the struggles for freedom but also the creative and dynamic ways the oppressed cope with living under domination, and short documentaries.

Suggested Reading: For this section we are seeking reviews of books related to the goals and interests of The C.O.U.P. 

Reportage: For this section, we seek tightly edited photo essays related to the goals and interests of The C.O.U.P.

The Web edition also has an open submissions process with rolling deadlines.


Platform III: Radical Pedagogies (in development/by invitation)

The live edition of The C.O.U.P. seeks facilitators who can offer lectures and workshops in the radical pedagogic tradition of decolonial activist groups and that takes seriously lived experience as knowledge and the need to transform theory into praxis.


Platform IV: Printed Matter (in development/by invitation)

For this platform, The C.O.U.P. will draw from long-term contributors to the Journal and Web editions to produce pamphlets and longer, stand-alone texts.