Out from Below

Dear readers and potential contributors,

We launched The C.O.U.P. Project with the intention of remaining anonymous so that the space and the work we're attempting to do here would be at the forefront. We were wary of contributing to any cult of personality that often builds around people doing this type of work. We wanted the work to speak for itself. Unfortunately, we now find ourselves in times where anonymity  is seen as dangerous. The Rachel Dolezal story, the revelation about who is behind Thug Kitchen, and other incidents bring this into high relief. We realized that if we wanted the community to trust the space, we had to establish that trust. So the editorial committee has taken the risk of outting itself, so to speak. We have posted our own content with the hopes it would demonstrate the safety of this space and kickstart submissions. Peruse the site, learn more about what's possible here. And we invite you to contribute to building the community. 

Liberation is our purpose. Love is our ethic and means.

Let's get free.

The C.O.U.P. editorial committee