The C.O.U.P. Quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal published four times a year. This is a social justice-oriented journal that brings together subjugated knowledges with decolonial theory-as-practice to provide a forum for the examination of power, privilege, domination, and oppression; in other words, kyriarchy. We also explore the practices of ethical freedom/liberation that emerge in kyriarchal cultures. The C.O.U.P. Quarterly publishes a wide range of written and visual texts that rigorously theorize from lived experiences and contribute to our understanding of how one lives in post-slavery, neocolonial societies.  In addition to scholarly essays, this includes creative non-fiction, manifestos, polemics, poetry, fiction, interviews, open letters, themed annotated bibliographies, syllabi, and artist projects suited to the journal form. The C.O.U.P. Quarterly is international and transcultural in scope, following the tradition of mid-twentieth century anti-/decolonial movements, and endeavors to demonstrate how to put theory into practice by highlighting the ways underrecognized peoples around the world employ various means of resistance to oppression and create other forms of embodying freedom.